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I apologize

I'm sorry
I apologize that I struggle with the idea that you still love me
I apologize that I question your behavior
I apologize that I don't feel like I am enough
I apologize that I struggle with my own insecurities
I'm sorry I need reassurance so much
I'm sorry I'm so hesitant
I need you to know that I respect your boundaries
I never want to make you uncomfortable although I know
I'm an awkward soul.
This awkward soul does love yours.
In truth I do
That's what made it easy
The hard part is that you don't reach like you once did
I miss that part of you.
Your guard is up and I understand
There's so much going on
So much that could happen
But I'm focused this time
On my family and my craft
That means you the kids and this new career path.
I'm here. Through everything.
If you still want me to be.
If not I'm still here.
That's all I got.

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I apologize