You Thought...

Only now do I see the colors of your intention,
Our time is something I'd rather not mention.
Clearly you used all that you had to make me feel like something,
Even more so we both know what's real is actually nothing.
A waste of time is what it was nothing more and a lot less,
at least I know I'm brave enough if I had to I would confess.
You may be off to a better way leading you to the top,
most likely though I know you'll always be a flop.
You said you have dreams well others do to but me I'm living mine,
Go find your way but you know what they say karma returns in time.
It was all fake I know this now I may have started a fool,
but as I woke up it all was so bright you were just a tool.
I wish I could have seen you as you left that day but I was too late,
I guess all of that is okay because my future looks great.
I may have been your knife to stab but what good is it if no one knew?
Standing by all that I take and give away, I'm still the only one who is true.
I never said one lie I didn't lead things on as a false narrative,
So now I sit at night and pray and know God will forgive.
You are like a clown with a nose that honks, with a painted smile,
but like a kid all grown up not worth all the while.

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You Thought...