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Break the Chains

So many people feel powerless and alone;
Burdened by sin, no means to atone.
Their world is one of grays and black,
Lost and abandoned, with no way back.

Crushed 'neath the burden of all they have seen,
Splattered with blood and grime, no way to be clean.
Trapped in a world of darkness and gloom,
No hope of escaping inevitable doom.

Slowly losing this struggle called life,
Each day filled with worry and strife.
Doggedly they endure as hope slowwly wanes,
Perservering through sadness, loss, and pain.

Believing the great lie that there is no hope,
No light to aid them as they blindly grope.
Believing in evil, demons, and hell;
Yet rejecting angels, God, and heaven as well.

Knowing themselves unworthy of His redeeming love,
Ungrateful of the sacrifice from Heaven above.
Yet despite all of this, He LOVES you and I,
And will one day return with glory on high.

From Creation's beginning He knew what would follow;
The horror and filth, all the lies man would swallow.
Yet His compassion and love for us are beyond measure,
Though flawed and broken, we are His treasure.

Through mercy and grace, He fashioned a plan of salvation,
Liberally applied to all, regardless of nation.
Yet though loving and kind, He is also rightous and just;
If you reject His offering, He will do what He must.

The time draws near for His glorious, triumphant return,
When the redeemed rise to meet Him, and this world will burn.
Oh please, break the chains of darkness and blight,
Look up to Jehovah, source of goodness and light!

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Break the Chains