Your Doom

When darkness deepens and the wild winds swirl,
Keening shrill cries as they writhe and curl;
When clouds blot out starlight and moon,
And you find yourself hoping dawn comes soon;

When silence stretches till it threatens to snap,
And you begin to dread what next will hap...
When something wild beckons you near,
And your heart hammers with sudden fear;

When the nearby fire starts to crackle and pop,
And you find yourself wanting to just scream "STOP!"
When groundless fears threaten to take form,
And you accept this night is far from the norm;

When you hear the beating of unseen wings,
And begin to imagine dreadful things;
When thunder booms a rolling drumbeat of sound,
And you sense grave danger gathering 'round;

Then know your fears are real and true,
And accept your doom comes for you.
Not all tales of horror are founded in lies;
This night you will have proof witth your own eyes!

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Your Doom