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The Press

The is a story in Mark chapter 2 and verse 4
I read it many times but as I read it once more
Once focused on the palsied man and his faithful friends
Another look at two words inside got my attention
The words ďthe pressĒ described the conditions
These men had to face along their mission
Jesus was inside the house preaching
And the place was packed to hear his teaching
Wanting to draw near but seeing no clear path
The desperate condition called for new math
Everyday calculations just wouldn't do
The weight of the matter called for a breakthrough
The verse says they could not draw near for the press
But they would see Jesus, and would not rest
Were they friends, faithful and true?
Or did they just want to see what Jesus could do
Whatever the case, I began to see
That what they did will work for me
The press today represents many things
Situations and circumstances the day will bring
From fatigue to finance; offense to un-forgiveness
Pushing and pressing me away from my fathers business
Health issues, family feud's, civil unrest
Pushing and pulling me away from Gods best
But I must get to Jesus, I got to get through
Lay my cares before Him and see what He will do
If he can defeat death and the power of the grave
Rise from hells grip with the power to save
Then I know what I need to do, and where I need to be
I'm breaking through the press, nothings going to stop me
J. Moore

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The Press