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Whoa is me, my soul cried out
Filled with grief, fear and doubt
Why has this happened? I don't deserve this
After all this time committed the His service
Why take from me something so precious
What kind of cruel test is this
I can't do it anymore, that's it, I'm done
I can't even walk and He is asking me to run
He is asking me to focus when I can't even see
Oh my God, have mercy on me
In Sunday morning service, desperate to hear
My heart broken in pieces as I'm standing here
A familiar voice whispers ďwhy even bother
He is not such a loving fatherĒ
All of a sudden through no effort of my own
I feel my hands raise to acknowledge the throne
My eyes fill with tears and my heart fill with joy
All of heavens grace had been deployed
It was the Holy Spirit. He rose up inside me
Lifted my hands and start dancing beside me
He never said a word, not at that time
He just filled me and assured me it would be fine
Before I knew it. My comfort had come
My strength had returned; I could go on
I still have my moments but when I do
I embrace my mourning and dance right through
I will never claim to understand
But I will place my hope in the Saviors plan

J. Moore

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