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The world's goin’ to Hell

We are living in fractious unruly times, everywhere one

Looks people are falling out with each other, often over

Nothing at all. Global dissatisfaction spreads like butter

Into politics where cantankerous voices of descent fight

To be heard, wrestle for microphones, so that venomous

Voices on both sides of the house may be clearly heard

Spitting and snarling across the chamber, exercising the

Vital imperative of destroying the opposition. Many a

Member openly secular, yet all demanding the God given

Right to be right at all times, tearing a subject apart until

The point Is lost and the public exhausted.


Debate is rife, that wonderful tool of confusion so meloved

By broadcasters, wherein, those so engaged never arrive

At a satisfactory working conclusion, for once again, all

Participants want to be right, no quarter is given to harmony,

Caveats endlessly fly back and forth in the toxic air of

continuous indecision.


Look around the world, to see a melting pot with its needle

fFrmly stuck in the red zone, agitation and discontent easily

Organised and whipped up for the purpose of others, riot

In a sacrosanct temple of democracy, (oh, how the enemies

Of the west must have loved that.) Further unrest sees young

Girls in running battles with armed men, girls joined by school

Children all fighting for a voice and a rightful place in society.

Meanwhile, the hand of destiny hovers in the wings waiting

For a miracle, waiting patiently for the bright light of true

Leadership to shine through the thick fog, fug and fantasy of

Damaging political shenanigans entered into by those bent

Upon feathering their own nests and in it entirely for



Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard’s classic ‘It's all going to pot,'

Put me in mind of our 2022 world, a place that has become more

Dangerous, more unpredictable than it has ever been. Lunatics in

Possession of nuclear weapons primed and pointed at the West,

Threatening not just the safety of honest hard working people and

Their children, but the very stability of planet Earth itself and

Something tells me that global warming may one day, God forbid,

Be seriously upstaged.


© Joseph G Dawson