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I will never know a love like this again

The scent of you makes me turn like an owl in search of the source
The way you move is with grace and love
Something like a warm blanket after getting out of wet clothes
The thought of you envelopes my brain
And I get lost in the mail
Your touch...the thought of it brings literal tears
Like you send chills down my spine
Your being....your presence
It's like a high....and I'm the addict
I don't even know whether that's good or bad
But I miss it.
I miss laying beside you
I miss you.
I miss you laughing at my tweaks and shakes
I miss you.
I got this chunk in my throat
My chest burns.
And I crave you
I can't halfway eat.
What is sleep?
All I can say is that this is my new reality
The one without you.
I never ever wanted to be without you again
It's detrimental
It's heartbreaking
It's soul shattering
What I've done is unforgivable
I don't know how to be what you want
Even now when it's too late I still want to be what you want
You're very very intelligent.
You will run this time and you won't look back.
You may but it'll be to say good job for leaving a narcissist
You'll leave this time for sure.
Even without me touching another
I didn't lie about loving you.
I didn't come back to you to hurt you.
I was trying to be the partner you needed and then
I fell.
I wasn't able to take care of my own bills
How can you trust someone to take care of you and they can't care for themselves
One red flag
You don't trust me to be faithful
Two red flags
I lack confidence and always need reassurance
Three red flags
I dont intellectually stimulate you
Four red flags
Run mami....run...don't look back
I will never know a love like this again
But I won't hurt you anymore either.

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I will never know a love like this again