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The man from dreams come true

Love her like you mean it,

Like you want the job for life,

Love her like a hero,

Be her superman tonight.

Love her with a rhythm,

Something special skin to skin,

Love her like a lady,

When you're done, do it again.

Love her in her high heels,

Make her body dance all night,

Love her 'til she tingles,

Wraps her legs around your thighs.

Love her with a passion,

Conjure up a love-attack,

Love her 'til exhausted,

'Til the sweat runs down your back.

Love her like a lover,

Spin her over once or twice,

Love her 'til she's dizzy,

Kiss her everywhere she likes.

Love her like you mean it,

Give her reasons to love you,

Love her like the man she wants,

The man from dreams come true.

© Joseph G Dawson