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Just here.

I miss you.
Wayyy too much.
I set you free because I was you walking trauma.
I caused you so much pain and grief
To the point where you stayed guarded towards me
What's love without affection....
Not the ima make sure you're straight and set you up kinda affection
You know I'm talking about the passion.
I felt like you didn't want to be with me anymore
I felt like you didn't crave me anymore.
So I spazzed and left.
Worst thing I ever did cause now I won't get to see you hear you love you
If I were using you I would've taken everything you gave to me.
If I wanted revenge my emotions wouldn't have allowed me to stay as long as I did.
I just said what I said so you wouldn't keep dwelling on my leaving.
You do so much better when there fire under you feet
I love you.
But I don't want to keep hurting you.
I don't want to keep you in an uncomfortable unhealthy and an unhappy place
I left because of how I treated you.
I didnt deserve you
And even after you allowed me back in
I still didnt deserve you.
I still love you and I always will.
But I will stay alone
I don't think I'm capable of love anymore.
You're right. My identity has changed.

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Just here.