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Access Denied.

Her birthday is tomorrow.
She's all over my mind.
It meant more to me to be with her than it did to make money.
In a frenzy of emotions....
Temporary emotions....
I made the wrong choice.
I can't get to her.
She's undoubtedly breaking the connection...our connection.
But I asked her to.
With my actions I did.
I can't ask her to take me back because that was probably never in her best interest.
I was probably never in her best interest.
Always making decisions for me
Never thinking about her and how it would make her feel.
I asked her to leave me when I left her.
It's only fair my access be denied but what about her??
Who's going to care for her??
People being mean to her and I can't help her
Cause I was a person who was mean to her too.
I miss her soul.
I miss her scent.
I miss her presence.
I miss her being....
I'm all out of sorts.
I was supposed to be her safety.....
I failed her miserably.
I failed my family that I love so much.
I miss all my kids.
I miss how it used to be...
Now it won't ever be again.
Access denied.
No re entry.
No nothing.

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Access Denied.