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To love a woman

To love a woman is to feel the music in her

Heart, to be lifted higher than life itself, to

Go where no one has gone before, for she,

And only she, can take you there, keep you

There and have you coming back each night,

For there are no melodies equal to those that

Flow from the strings of a woman’s heart.

Should such a gift slip from your grasp, you

Will feel the cold blow of a heart lost to the

Warmth of a woman’s love, silent strings will

Remind you of your loss, a quiet world is all

That you will have, no overture, no opera, no

Standing ovation, your volume is hushed, your

Life without meaning, your world without song.

A world without song, a heart without a voice,

A duet has become a solo, the trumpet blows

But the strings are missing and without the

Strings the tempo is lost and the music fades

To discord… but wait, the strings have struck

Up again, not quite yet what they once were,

But forgiveness will see to it that there is time

To recapture that which was lost...

...Lost, but not forever, the strings are in full

Voice again, a woman’s heart calling to her

Lover, strings that play a tempting refrain,

An irresistible refrain, blood deep, nakedly

Honest, what’s yours is mine, what mine is

Yours. Come, feel the heat of the strings,

Strings that vibrate only for you, touch the

Strings and they will respond to your bow.

To love a woman is to feel the music in her

Heart, music that will remain with you


© Joseph G Dawson