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My Daughter Did You Know

Oh my precious daughter I wish you only knew
The purpose and the plans that I have for you
The power you possess within your very tears
The achievements you've accomplished over the years
The effectiveness of your prayers offered up sincere
My daughter did you know that I am always near
From your very creation and place of origin
You have a stronger spirit and power within
You my beloved are the anchor of the family
Heaven is the destination, you hold the key
We have a special bond, my daughter and I
The very beat of my heart, the apple of my eye
My daughter did you know how I wait for you
To come and seek my counsel in all you do
And when you go astray, my love remains
I will remove your hurt and cover your shame
You are the mother of earth, the cradle of life
Blessed is the man who takes you as his wife
Flesh of his flesh, bone of his bone
Created because he could never make it alone
If ever he lets you down turn him over to me
I will bring him to the place where he needs to be
My daughter did you know the world is in your hands
My angels stand attentive to your every command
Your children are protected by the armor you bear
Your helmet of faith covers them everywhere
The sword of the spirit will guard their hearts
Even when it seems your world is falling apart
My daughter did you know how esteemed you are
I hold you higher in the heavens than even the stars
Through all the trials and all the test
Heaven and earth shall call you blessed
J. Moore

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My Daughter Did You Know