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Bronze legs, Summer legs

Bronze legs, summer legs, swinging

On a five bar gate. Simple top, not

Much to it, glass buttons, floral pattern,

White shorts, pretty as a picture. Cute

Curls bleached by the sun, kissed by

The warm breeze, eyes searching for

Someone special. She calls him 'John

Deere' but that's not his real name.

Bronze legs, summer legs, swinging

On a five bar gate. Too young for love

Affairs but the breeze doesn't know that,

Nor does the sun; their job is to perfect

The day bringing out the best in everything.

'John Deere' knows she's too young, but

He's happy to wait and go along with a

High school crush, certain that this time

Next year...

Bronze legs, summer legs, 'Look, but

Don't touch,' off-limits loveliness, but she

Doesn't know that, she just thinks she's

Done something wrong, which of course

She hasn't, she's just under age. Sitting

With her youthful 'John Deere' at the wheel

Of his brand new bright green tractor, he'll

Break the news to her gently, about the

Licence that is, and how at 15 and three

Quarters she can drive the tractor in the

Fields, but she'll need to wait until next

Year to drive it on the road.

© Joseph G Dawson