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Just my thoughts today

I think that you think I don't remember the nights
I play them back and forth in my mind like they were my favorite movies
I miss them so
I miss you
I miss us
I miss the kids and their happiness
The boy saw me and he saw you
He saw you and saw me.
I miss y'all.
It's crazy.
I shouldn't have left you.
Shouldn't have left y'all.
I'm lost.
There's my whole heart.
Sitting with you. Not even trying to give you up.
Then there are the choices I made.
Running away.
Should've been running to you.
I wish I had never left.
I would still be there to take care of you.
At least.
I would've at least been able to try.
Here is just darkness.
You think happiness lies with me...
I wish I was as lucky as you think I am.
It still hurts yo.
Every day.
Even more than the first.
Time passes and everything gets worse.
That's it.
This sucks mami

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Just my thoughts today