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Me miss you.

Me miss you mami.
Me want you.
I sorry.
Me just want you.
Me just want you.
I realize that I lost confidence in my ability to love you.
Me sorry.
For a while I believed that someone else would have been more suitable for you.
I played myself cause all you wanted was for me to keep loving you.
I dropped the ball
And then I gave up.
Gave up on myself first.
Then gave up on you.
Then gave up on our family, relationship, friendship, partnership.
I sank our ship.
Me miss you.
Me miss you.
Me miss you.
I know you'll never come back.
But that's not stopped me from learning myself to be better.....
That's not stopped me from dreaming.
At least in my dreams you're still close to me.
At least here I can tell you how I feel.
At least in these words....
Me miss you mami.

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Me miss you.