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I hear her in every song.
See things that I want to try with her.
Games I think would be fun to play.
Ideas I would like her opinions on.
I want her to tell me about her day while I run her feet.
I want to allow her to feel her feelings.
I wish I could be her safe place...
I kinda think I caused a lot of frustration
More frustration than relief.
I dunno.
She was perfect for me.
I miss her.
It don't matter if you don't talk about it
Or if you preoccupy your time
Nothing helps if it's in your heart.
If it matters to your soul.
Nothing helps if their being was so wrapped in yours
But that person.
She's the only person that can make any of this better.
All it takes is her presence.
It's as if she were created....
Crafted from everything good.
She is love.
...And then there was me...

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