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To be touched by you.

Touched by you.
To be touched by you would be everything and more.
When you touch me everything melts away.
Nothing matters but you.
I crave you.
I desire you.
I've made sure you would never come back.
I'm tempted to fold sometimes....
But if it's not you I don't want it.
Is bull spit.
But this the route I chose.
But this is what I chose.
Can't live in the past.
Is what you say.
Seems like the only way to move forward.
But....I still find myself missing you.
No matter what.
I've got no choice but to be ok.
I want you.
I want to be touched by you.
It's impossible ain't it?
Moving seems necessary.
Why am I here if not to be with you?

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To be touched by you.