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11 long months.....

I left because I didn't think I was good enough for you.
I left because I was sure you would find someone better than me.
I felt like I didn't measure up to the people who wanted you.
I felt like you deserved better.
And so I snapped.
I thought why are you wasting your time with me when there were people who you related to
People who were raised the same way you were.
People who were more disciplined than me.
I felt like you were tired of me messing everything up.
Why stay with me when you could be happy without everything I took you through?
None of it matters anymore.
Why I thought what I thought.
Why I left.
I just signed up for a lifelong membership of depression and anxiety.
I signed up for life without my best friend.
I ripped apart our family when I left and there nothing to do to fix that.
That's the truth.
The whole truth.
You're right about me.
You're right.
Be blessed.
Love always.

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11 long months.....