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If given the chance to undo what's been done I would without a millisecond to waste.
The circumstances never called for abandonment.
I wasn't in distress so badly that was my only option.
I needed to speak and communicate with my partner.
I needed my partner.
I needed to reassure my partner.
I needed to be a dependable person to my partner and my children.
I needed to help support them.
You could blindfold me and I would still have chosen the partner I had.
I still remember the day she told me she loved me.
I remember our girls sleepover.
I remember the first time she did my hair.
I remember the first time I held the boy.
I remember us.
The electric current that only we could make.
I remember tasting the blend of our colors.
I remember your joy when I spoke your love language.
I remember these things....
I remember the butterflies and comfort.
I never slept but I always fell asleep at your house.
I miss you.
Some people are not meant to be left.
Especially when they're the sun to your starving earth.
I was loved....
She loved me for real.

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