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So many words I would wish to say
Lest time and circumstance blow them away.
The things I've seen, experiences I've known,
THe people I've loved, now dust and bone.

How to sum up all the memories of a lifetime;
To make the attempt would surely be a crime.
For many years a loner, never thought to find love;
Now I wake each day with an angel from above.

I never sought fortune or fame, which is fine I suppose;
All I wanted was food in my belly and a decent set of clothes.
So as shadows gather round and the hourglass drains,
What do I have to show for all my struggles and pains?

Memories of loved ones, the laughter, joy, and tears;
Thoughts to warm my heart, even after all these years.
For the treasures of this life count for precious little in the end.
Possessions can't be taken with you, money you can't spend.

Ah, but precious memories of love, good times with friends,
THAT is true treasure, the kind that never ends.
So now I bid you all farewell, for the hour is growing late,
As I venture to launch out once more, upon the seas of fate.

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