A Synthetic Soul

A Part of Me

I yearn to feel what I've never had.
I long to experience life at last.
I need to know no matter the cost.
What it's like to live without a loss..

My hands are baron and scarred from time.
My touch is cold and burnt from life.
I can look but never touch.
My skin is poison and my lips are such.

Incapable of contact, you dare take the risk.
You say you need me, but can I give you this?
Dare I leave your hand never held..?
Or miss the chance of your hair I smell?

The opportunity comes and our hands do meet.
But something changes, I cannot release.
My grip tightens, I can feel you inside like a dream.
Your eyes turn lucid. You seem to look right through me.

I'm draining you. You are becoming one with me.
I don't want, but now you are joining me.
My fingertips grow numb, and greater I feel.
Drawing you in, and using you to heal.

To heal what isn't on the inside. Your love has brought this.
It has brought me, to a new place. A new kind of existence.
You stand as if a statue and I leave a kiss upon your lips.
You gave yourself to me, so I took it all. I took every bit.

I love you,

I never realized what this would turn to be. What this could do.
As a part of you breaks away, breaks into my hand.
A hand full of dust, you're an exoskeleton made of sand.
Without a soul, for it has been made into a part of me.

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