From my mind

Little Big Heart

I met this lass the other day
Catherine she is called
Now she says she's only 5ft and a bit
That's not very big, well no size at all
Now Catherine has a way with words
She can make them rhyme she juggles them about
But if you get on the wrong side of her
Lad you better look out

She's like a little Jack Rustle Terrier
With heart, soul and grit
And once she sinks her teeth in
You'll know all about it
She'll go straight for the jugular
Straight for the throat and shake you all about
Until you've learnt your lesson
Of this I have no doubt

Ahh but I have seen the other side
For in her poems she does not hide
She brings out all the feeling of happiness
Sadness and love that she has inside

There's not a nicer person
That I would care to meet
And you know the company of Catherine fair
Goes down a treat

Now Catherine I know we had a few hiccups
 At the very start
But now I know the real Catherine the one that is so little
The one with the great big HEART!

For Catherine from  ©Derrick…:o)

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Little Big Heart

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