From my mind


It was the coldest winter evening
In the darkest darkest night
Blackness all around me
Standing on a hilltop waiting for the fight.
Standing on the hilltop standing without fear
All my comrades lay dead around me.
No one else was here
The wind and rain ripped at me chilled
to the very bone
Why was this my battle God?
Why am I alone?

The tears welled up inside me
The tears I could not hide
Not tears of fear or self-pity
The tears were of anger and pure stubborn pride.

In the distance I can hear pounding
Like thunder, cannon or great guns.
Pounding out the death march on the
Grim reapers great drums.

I fought with valour, Loyalty and with pride.
I fought as one with no one at my side.
I gave my heart I fought so brave
I gave my all and my all I gave.

The hill and I forever for now it is my grave.  

Derrick David Henderson  
29 December 2002

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