Less Poetry

The words come to me if I try
About you my loving guy
They're here inside awaiting birth
As I live my life on the Earth

You didn't have to take a chance
You didn't have to lose your pants
Though with your shy way you did
Though I'm old, with you I feel the kid

Come out of this old girl here
When you make it very clear
That my sexual plesures are all for you
And yours are just for me it's true

It does make me feel so very proud
The words come out of me aloud
And I can tell you anything
As though I do when these words sing

Or when I'm in bed with you at night
I know forever I've been wrong as you're alright
So good a man for me to risk my love for
As time goes on Less poetry will pour

Out on these pages with this blue pen
Because my comfort you defend
Be being by my side everyday you can
Where I can feel you love me as a man

Although maybe too difficult for you to say
I hear "I love you" in everyway
With affection, understanding, your warm skin on me
Less poetry, sweetheart, as I feel security

In that touch that's just from you
In that you say you want me true
As forever and a day such a kindness I've dreamed of
The kind that makes me say you're the man I always want to love.

10/17/2004 1525 (pm) cj

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Less Poetry

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