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 poetry by Mercysmine




              I  wonder  why  it  is  that  the  sun
                   Has  hidden  its'  face,
                  For  so  many,  many  days?

                   Might  it  have  gazed
                To  and  fro  upon  the  earth
            And  saw  naught  worthy  to  shine  upon,
               Will  the  sun  ever  shine  again?

                    Could  it  be  hiding
              From  the  shameful  state  of  men?
                 Whose  hearts  are  filled
                  With  vanity  and  greed.

             Is  it  in  anguish,  over  the  lost
           And  undone  state  of  Gods  creation?

                  Has  it  stolen  away
                 To  shed  bitter  tears,
                That  fall  to  the  earth
                 In  the  form  of  rain?

               Has  it  gone  into  seclusion?
                Unable  to  view  the  shame,
                 Of  those  whose  hearts
             Have  turned  to  hardened  stone,
                And  yet  contend  to  be
                The  Fathers  very  own.
            Will  the  sun  ever  shine  again?
                  Would  to  God,  we
               Could  see  our  hearts
           Through  the  eyes  of  our  maker.

        Perhaps  we  would  plead  with  the  potter,
         Please  reshape  us,  bend  us,  twist  us,
                Break  us  if  you  must,
               No  matter  what  the  pain.

           Until  we  have  become  pliable
              Again,  in  His  mighty  hand.
               Then  I'm  certain  the  sun
                 Would  break  through,
               Those  dark,  dark  clouds,
                 That  have  covered
                The  earth  many  days.

         And  send  forth  upon  us  once  again,
            It's  glorious  life  giving  rays.

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