It is everything to me
That you said yes
So I can set my love free
And not have to guess

If you're really going to be around
Sometimes in the future you could stay
Where I need to hear the sound
Of you and I at play

It was a perfect time
You helped me cook, you told me what to do
That is why you get this rhyme
Where my favorite place is right by you

We snuggled on the couch
We made love in our bed
The pain from love's hurting ouch
Has gone and left my head

You let me be fanatic
Your pleasure was my goal
And it was very romantic
As I lived there in my role

The part unseen by others
Where you're my master and my boss
When my love blooms, it's flower smothers
All the concerns that leave me cross

Now just a fullness in my mind
When there's a moment to bring you in
And all I see is tender, strong and kind
The feeling stays in me to come around again.

cj 1/23/2005 1645

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