All the time you're in my head
Why wouldn't I want you in my bed?
My short term goal we haven't met
You're still not here two nights to get

My skin on yours during tender sleep
You leave me here alone for doubt to creep
At bedtime you cannot even call
To say goodnight so I can fall

Into a rest that's peaceful, kind
You ignore me and all I find
Is restless dreams all night long
A broken tune instead of a love song

My long term goal will we meet?
When I am your servant at your feet
To give you all this love in me
March 1st will soon be here to see

If goals with you are unreachable
If words I give are unteachable
If 5 minute rules are just too much
If you want being alone without my touch

The next two weeks I'll work on me
As women are hard for you to see
This one wants you for hers at all times
Instead of touch you'll have to have these rhymes

I'll send you a letter everyday
With words where "I love you" I say
A long two weeks where I will suffer
And think about you man so much tougher

Than this girl with her big plan
To have you as her only man
Who takes 5 minutes in sleepiness
To say goodnight to me and build love's trust.

1053 1/25/2005 cj

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