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Daddys Wish

Just a simple man I don't ask much, but I would like to see how my kids are when they are all grown up
Just before I die and my soul takes to the sky, I want to know that they believe how hard I really did try
I want to see them get along, even when they are grown, and keep the family close past the time when I'm gone
I need to know that all those short walks and long talks served their purpose, so that they can stand their groud when their life seems like a circus
I want to know that they believe without a shadow of doubt, there is no mess they can get in that God can't get them out
I want my boys to be gentlemen, and my girls young ladies, to be successful but not to measure it by a lexus or mercedes
But remember me and the success that I had in my heart knowing that I was a good dad

Written By: J. Moore

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Daddys Wish