These Heartunes for Michaelangelo
Through all of them I hope he'll know
I am strong and insecure
I go on and want to be the her

Who goes to bed with you at night
So with the rest, the next day's light
Will give her a will to live for you
Not for herself as Heartunes do

The words could be forgotten
Or some kiss you face as softest cotton
You could throw away these Heartune books
Although my love takes many looks

At all the love I have to give
If I just have the will to live
With you my saviour and my grace
With love these words will be replaced

By making money for us honey
By baking cakes and trying to make your loins ache
For me your horney poet baker wife
Move in with me and share our life.

10/7/2004 0155 cj

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