I am falling
Down from the tempest
And the temptation of a man

I'm not bawling
'Cause I'm used to him leaving
And it's a while 'til I'm not grieving

I have a soul that's in pain
And a tummy below it
I want him and I know it

I am all I've got
I am beautiful
And to him dutiful

I am stuck
Wondering if he's coming back
As he says he can't promise that

I must text him
Or leave him a note
If he was here, I could dote

I would touch his skin
And then say I care
I could put the dress back on
With the flippy see-through underwear

God your will to let him fall
I pray to you---show us what's right
Have us bond this warm Spring night.

4/22/05 1850 cj

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