Someone said that someone said
His roomate's ugly I should know
Someone told me it's all in his head
If he can't leave her and love me so

She's home now and he won't call me back
Think there's more to them than roommates
What I have is all she must lack
No wonder she hasn't any dates

Ugly women are easier to be with
And you don't have to take them anywhere
Your voice doesn't give them a lift
Like it does your pretty lady here

I will find out what she looks like
Soon I'll have Sundays off
I'll be out to her church Mike
To see why me you scoff

As I don't understand you
And perhaps I never will
I do believe you're true
As my love for you you kill

By being in this ugly situation
Leaving me with these concerns
Why do you have the hesitation
If your love for me burns

Get the ugly out of your sight
As I just do it with ugly rhymes
The ugly words that I do write
Are the least of all and any ugly crimes.

4/24/2005 2045 cj

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