Your skin on mine once in a while
Is all it takes to make me smile
To hear your voice leaves me secure
Then I call you peace, kind sir

It's eight months of only you
Not very long to stay true
You've been consistently there
Even if you don't always share

I can say I love you easily
While words you don't like to set free
And in my heart I can understand
Because it's you and you're my man

Happy Anniversary, happy life
From the woman who wants to be your wife
Though I'm insecure and you are afraid
I'm dedicated to the plan I've made

So long ago before you even knew
The love that grew in me for you
As I'd sit across from you at that table
I knew as a man you would be able

To forgive me when I'm wrong
I broadcast this love via heartune song
I will love you, Michael, forever and a day
No matter if it's good or bad, I am here to stay.

5/3/2005 1600 cj

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