My favorite internist
Has the same first name as you
And he promotes this nurse's judgment
Just like you could do

If I call him for an order
He says, "What do you suggest?"
And if I have an appropriate plan
He just says, "Okay, yes."

He knows how to delegate
And let nurses use their knowledge
He knows we're around the patients most
We must have a smart brain, we went to college

Some nurses don't like this
They say they don't want to do his work
They don't want to prescribe
They don't appreciate his quirks

As long as he signs my orders
I say that is what really counts
I say he believes in me
As over the years, my experience mounts

And if other nurses are not confident enough
To make some plan and save his time
They'll be his frustration, not me
Because my orders he has always signed.

9/15/1994 cj

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