You want me to be faithful
And faithful I refuse to be
Because until we live together
We are both going to be free

I try not to hurt your soul
By telling you about other men
So many of them out there want me
While you hang out with your woman friend

Because you share more with her
And I am down and out
Then I'm not supposed to complain
So I go to other men to pout

They tell me a man will try
To control a woman's mind
Is that what you do to me
When you leave me here behind

I listen to their knowledge
They know I am a fool
For thinking give him every chance
To improve what's so uncool

You need to make a decision
If you really are my man
As I go to visit others
Who seem to understand

That my man is unfaithful
He should be my roommate
Instead of living with a woman
That drives me to jealousy and hate

Is it ever gonna change
Are you ever gonna see
That you push me away
By living with Marie

Because you're not there right now
At a home that's ours together
Cooking dinner watching TV
It will always be the stormy weather

You will go to her
I will go to other guys
If you think that it is wrong
Change it, so there's not the lies

I don't want to be alone
I don't want to bring you pain
But until you're in a bed that's ours
We both will feel the rain

Falling down as teardrops
All the time that we're apart
When you gonna realize
You're the only man who has my heart

If that's worth anything to you
It's seems you'd understand
You can't expect me to be here
Where I have to share my man

You want to share yourself with her
Then I give to others too
As long as we're not together
We both do what we need to do

And if this situation stops
Where I am really all for you
Where we take care of each other
In a house that's made for two

Then I'll stop my midnight visits
To the men who say it's not right
That you go home and live with her
While I am all alone at night

So what's going to happen
Are we ever going to be
Two as one for a lifetime
Instead of two who are both free.

8/23/2005 1710 cj

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