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wall of light

with Angels

The wall
in breath
The wall
grew longer
in depth

The mighty angel
He had won
All the angels of laughter
belzebub defeated
it was done

So they sang everywhere
And danced
in joy
and peace
Of the good news
the angels
gladly released

Growing steeper
the darkness creep ed
Into it deeper
beelzebub seeped

The people of pasture
were understanding
Satan was no more
and was evil & demanding

The lies had been
way too many a year
Satan was
found guilty here

His evil was short
The Angels taught

The doves coo'd
in an obedient state

The turtle doves just bowed
at Satan's fate

The angel then fought
the devil court
Under their wings
were His people
No more of satan not a thing

The cow moo'd
The cat moved
The beaver laughed
That he was boo"d
The monkey spoke in so much fun
The pigs released
to see the Son

The thousands of fish
came after
Too see ahead
such lovely pasture

The lamb gathered
his friends of fun
To join
this victory and peace
of Christ kingdom come

The owl in a trance
The peacock danced
As the news grew
The donkey flew

Many more animals
heard of the news
So they all got together
and sang the heavenly blues

People from far and wide
Decided to join
THE Winning side
The wall changing
in brilliant colors
United to at last
sisters and brothers

Trumpets and guitars
The dog arrayed
Every instrument
was then played

Music and joy
peace and rejoicing
Freedom was hear
with an awesome annointing

What a sight
This joyful stance

The Angels delighted
their wall of dance!

edited 15/1/2021

And they that casts lots, the small as well as the great
according to the house of their fathers for every gate
1 Chronicales 26-13

Michelle Lee Bevan (Carter) copywrite

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