A Synthetic Soul

Be True to Yourself

Like your heartbeat,
skipping and screaming.
Now you're awake still
thinking you're dreaming.

Won't be home tonight...
So far gone,
and so passes on, day and life.
This moment, is all my fingers
can grasp a hold on.
Almost like the cold I've let go of.

Hold what needs handled,
but don't take all that you're handed.
Believe that truth will be cold.
Hope you can stand like steel.
The surface rust proves I'm real.

Your last breath takes its toll,
letting go, only leaves
you needing more.
Jagged til worn, missing
nothing but only thorns.

The weather fades,
like those better days.
I know each last touch seems
to last like never enough. So
keep next to your heart all you've loved.
While the memories and Meant to Be's
rip me from my misery.
Even if I can only dream
that you are here right next to me.
At least we all can dream.

Steering clear, this is for myself.
I cannot change what I've did in life,
or what I've done with all this time.
Sure I'm Alive, but its been a while.
I've lived a dream..,
but how many times will I lose all my dreams?

Wrong, still can't be undone.
Faith, still feels so faithless.
Somethings are meant never to be easy.
Life's been worth it.
I pay its price.

Living a life we'll be leaving behind,
among the sweat and blood
we've smeared.
Wishing that you cared,
wishing you were here.
Things will change through each year.
Never forget those that cared.
Live today.
Tomorrow may be too late.

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