Love Lost

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Sleep, Ondine

A drop-in to My clouded world
Graced My side today.
I knew his shape, his moves
I knew he came to play.
My mind in shadow lay.

I had him clean My home until
He took away My drink,
I had to show him cruelty
While dancing on the brink,

he drew My bath a bit too warm,
I slid into its depths,
With slow caress he washed Me fresh,
My hair, My back, My chest.

A meal, a chat, the sounds of life
Spinning in My head...
But, needing rest, I longed to sleep
he led Me to my bed....

Undressed, I found the blankets warming,
Knowing he was busy helping,
Thoughts of spirits gently swarming,
Sleep, a godsend, took My mind.

he left, work done, post hours of care,
he'd touched Me, slave and man,
I sleep with dreams of sweet success,
I dream, I know I can.

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Sleep, Ondine