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The Mystery Revealed

This is not a poem it is a piece of prose that I wrote after a particularly vivid meditation...while seated in the woods near my home.

I trudged through the heavy wet snow, laboriously making my way towards my destination…a place that I remembered from a dream. I thought that I knew the way to get back, but my memory wasn't very trustworthy. I found myself stumbling and becoming more and more confused. Eventually I discovered that I was walking in my own footprints…I was going around in circles. I was still in the same place I had been at the beginning of my walk. I looked back to the way I had just come, I looked ahead and saw a jumble of prints, all my own, leading me nowhere. I became confused and frustrated; I felt fear creeping up my spine. I could not trust my own instincts. Then I looked up. I felt completely alone. I saw that the clouds were so thick that I couldn't see the sun: so I had no idea of the time of day. There was only that desperate feeling of fear and isolation. I tried to think of the next right thing to do, but I was too afraid; so I just gave up…I sat right down in the deep wet snow, and began to cry. I cried out of fear and anger: but mostly I cried tears of self-pity. I couldn't understand why I was so powerless. I had always thought that I was capable of finding the right path; but here I was…cold, frightened, and lost. I stopped crying, and just sat there in utter misery. I was so tired. I didn't have the energy to even worry about my dilemma any longer. I looked around me at the branches of the trees, and I saw how heavy they were from their burden of snow. Suddenly, as if on cue, one branch broke, with a loud crack! As it fell to the ground I saw that it was no longer covered in the thick wet snow. As it lay there naked and broken, I realized that even though it was no longer a part of the tree, it was now FREE! I could see that although it might have seemed like a bad thing, in reality it was just a thing…not good or bad, just simply the way things were. I needed help. I could not rely on myself to get me through this situation. I began to see the lesson that My Goddess was trying to show me. I turned around and she was standing there. Her eyes were filled with maternal care and understanding. She held out her hands to me, and I got up and struggled towards her warm embrace.
" I have been with you from the beginning, and I am that which you seek. Now follow me. Walk in my footsteps, do not look back, do not look from side to side, and above do not try to look ahead: only follow me, and I shall lead you from here to that place where you will discover the mystery: that what you seek is within you. I will ever stand near to teach you as long as you are willing to learn. Now walk in my footprints…let me lead you, for you are my precious child, and I love you."
It was then that I knew that I would never be lost or alone again. I gratefully followed her; and was no longer afraid. I had perfect trust that she would allow no evil to harm me. That she would do just what she said she would do…  teach me, and help me along life's path, to see truth, and light.

I believe that we all see our gods in different ways, and I respect the beliefs of all people, I am honored to share this part of me with you.

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