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As I walked down a street of old,
thoughts ran through my mind,
of the feeble and the bold.
A piece of string I noticed,
as my head stooped down low,
though my hand was with sweat,
I picked it up, in a motion so slow.

My imagination allowed the string to grow,
like a spool of thread, but with endless flow.
I wished and prayed, with head held high,
to the heavens way up, above the sky,
for a new beginning, one with pride,
to grow with the string's endless flow,
as it lead me to a grand field of open paths.

Where should I go from here?
Which path will steer me in the right gear?
For a while, not much seemed very clear,
Stop these uncertainties, I screamed out loud!
With no more hesitation, I chose the widest,
for not only was it right in front of me,
but one I felt would set me free.

An immense sensation went right through me,
as I passed the border of this unknown journey.
I kept on walking, the string still in my hand,
it now felt strong, knowing I stand on new land.
The old gravel had turned to brick beneath my feet,
the string's vast power led me to a fresh foundation,
for what was behind, was erased from my imagination.

We all have many paths with choices,
just allow the string of imagination,
enter your mind and open your senses,
for you'll be rewarding yourself
with an easy, peaceful feeling.

Yana Petkov
11th March 2007

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