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 A Collection of Words

A father's fear

The angel folded her wings close, and dove from high above the planet, through atmosphere as if it weren't there, and down to a sleepy small town beside a river. There was the house she sought, beside a lonely yard light. The angel slipped through the roof and came to rest at the foot of the bed of a sleeping girl, who at this moment was being chased in her dreams by a large, spiky, hairy monster. The angel kissed the little girl on the lips, and the light, luminous touch smoothed the girl's frown to a comforted smile."

The monster started, at the appearance of the angel. He backed away in abject fear, as her light filled the room. The child sleeping was his daughter.

“I meant her no harm; I only bent to kiss her tiny hand. She was frightened by my bristled beard and whiskers!  I chased just to put her to bed…”

The angel smiled with no sign of annoyance, she took his rough hand in her own. Her wings beat once, and a soft whisper followed. “She is now sleeping peacefully…tell me of YOUR fear.”
His horrible face dissolved into a mask of tears…” no one has ever noticed that I am afraid.”

She touched the back of his wrist, to feel the wet teardrop which had leaked onto his rough skin.

He sniffled and looked into her face. A small smile appearing as he noticed her great compassion. He glanced toward the bed, to the sleeping form of his little girl. “I have feared it is true… it dogs me every day. I fear that I will loose her light; I fear that if I do not keep a good watch on her, she will be taken from me…for she is my treasure, and her dreams sustain me. I fear the future, and the drastic changes that are coming our way. I sometimes want to tell someone of these feelings, but when I open my mouth, to ever complain, I quickly find myself alone. I sometimes fear my life; it is so filled with hardship and one trial after another.  I have such demands on my time, I do not have enough to spare for her! I fear that I am not a good father.”

The angel listened with no comment, her face passive.

He continued with his painful confession. “I have kept all this to myself for a long time, and it is a relief to tell you how I feel! My fears are heavy and I bear them with little grace. Sometimes I take my anger and stress out on her, and I know that it is wrong. This is another source of fear to me. A feeling of unbridled anger often takes over and drags me away from love. It has been like an evil beast which hides with in me. I feel such heavy guilt for the pain that I inflict on her. My anger broke her mother's mind, and caused her to run from me. I have longed to explain myself, and call her back, but she has flown far, I fear never to return here. She may even be dead by now. I have only myself to blame. My lack of control, and awful rants…”he hung his head in shame.

The angel raised her eyes to meet his haggard expression. She touched his unshaven face. The light which proceeded from her finger tips transformed the man. His body was transfigured, and his mind became filled with the light of understanding. Not a word was uttered from her lips. He felt her love spread over him; unconditional, with no expectations, and with perfect acceptance. Tears of relief flowed from his eyes, and like a rare desert flower opening its petals to drink in the sudden spring rain, a smile blossomed. He held out his hands to touch her, and she was gone.
The room dimmed. And the man heard a small sound from the child…he glanced towards her. Her face seemed troubled again. He moved near, and laid his hand upon her brow. A night breeze pushed the curtain outward. And he thought he heard the angel's voice…he brushed tousled hair from her forehead, and kissed her gently on her lips. The child nuzzled his hand in her sleep. He smiled again. He faced the window, and held his hand over his heart.

This was a beginning.

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