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 I'm  Trying  To  Destroy  You
My Husband suffers with {Hemoplegic Migraine's} there a rare form that temporally paralyze you on one entire side of your body, they also can cause double vision or temporary blindness, he has an average of 4 per month, and is down (in bed) for an average of 24 hours in excruciating pain, this condition literally "steals" the suffers life from them, we stand steadfast in the belief that our God will heal him in "his" time.

My name you know so very well, the thought
Of me makes you tremble inside, my presence
Lingers very near to you, there is not a
Moment in which, you can be assured that
I won't engulf you, I have made you my prisoner
And I'm slowly and methodically destroying you

Your my puppet, under my sadistical control,
I do with you as I wish, you are helpless
To resist me, I give you my most exquisite
Pain and paralysis, of a magnitude you could
Never have fathomed

I have taken so much from you, but still I
Continue to ravage you, leaving you but a
Shadow, of who you once were, all those
Medications your Doctor's have prescribed to
Subdue me, they are of so little help, with
Debilitating side effects, they tare at your
last ounce of dignity, "sleep" is the
Only respite from me you'll ever have,
My name is Hemoplegic Migraine, do you sometimes
think, you might be Better off DEAD !!


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