Where are you going?
My brother of love
Riding a peace train
To God who's above

Wanting the patience
Let this envy leave
Riding a peace train
Where there's no place to grieve

Infinite railway
Cast away slavery
Peace train I'm taking
God then will save me

Going to get off
When heaven's the stop
Awaken when we get there
Because 'bout to drop

Working is rushing
Life is a crime
A hundred miles a hour
Then stop on a dime

Dear Lord please hear us
Peace train clickety-clacks
Forever nightime
Light this Earth lacks

Give us some clean air
Sunny skies hues of blues
Weary of this life
We've paid our dues

Paid for the ticket
Gave a tip for the meal
Infinite railway
Going to heal

What is evil
Change it to worthy
Railway to divinity
For love's sake let us hurry.

8/20/2008 0020 cj
Inspired by a photograph taken by
Daniel Roxburgh

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