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 Language of Enchantment

The Second Day Of Creation

The second day of creation...
Second only to the first...
God spoke and there was sky
He stretched out the universe.
Had it existed in His mind
Before He brought it into being?
Because He created color
The blue of sky we're seeing.
So He was the first artist
As well as the first poet.
When He addressed the atmosphere
He added air the way we know it.
He was getting all things ready
For the survival of His man.
He'd breathe life into the clay
But had to follow with a plan.
He created all the gases...
Carbon dioxide would suffice...
The oxygen...the nitrogen...
The mixture had to be precise!
God worked to wield the waters
And He set in motion laws
That would regulate its rhythm...
When to pour and when to pause.
He knew He must supply the earth
As well as the atmosphere.
The amount would be important
For life to flourish here.
Humans, plants, and animals
Would have need of these things.
Every flower is a thought of God...
But this is what the third day brings.
To get back to the second,
God was pleased...this day was good.
The second day came to a close
Just as He spoke it would.
 Be Blessed,
(c)Doris Jacobs-Covington
 October 11, 2008
"And God said, Let there be a
firmament in the midst of the
waters, and let it divide the
waters from the waters.
And God made the firmamemt and
divided the waters which were
under the firmament from the
waters which were above
the firmament: and it was so.
And God called the firmament
Heaven. And the evening and the
morning were the second day."
Genesis 1:6-8


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