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How softly wakes the springtime
And with it all the world
The barren trees of winter
Are now green with leafs unfurled

Her grasses all have been renewed
Her flowers fill the air
And birds & bees & butterflies
Are buzzing everywhere

How welcome her warm breezes
After winters bitter strife
How wonderful her promises
Of a world so full of life

And then she bows so graciously
As summer soon appears
All dressed in gaudy colors
Wearing dew drops in her ears

She's much more hot & lusty
Than the gentle touch of spring
But from mountain to the seashore
She's a very welcome thing

Her days are long & lazy
Full of happiness & fun
And it isn't till late August
When her vibrant dance is done

Then she casts her last warm breezes
Before an Indian Summer sky
And kisses all the fading flowers
Before she says goodbye

Alas she gathers up her tattered skirts
And quickly wisps way
As Autumn ushers in the door
To signal her short stay

She sweeps the trees with frosty nights
The forest are afire!
The world is having one last fling
Before it must retire

The smell of burning leaves & punk
Curl all about the air
And pumpkins, hayrides & wiener roast
Are happening everywhere

The millions of stars of the milky way
The shifting northern lights
The frosty puffs of breath in the air
All are Autumns delight

But - lo - the cold of winter
Is slowly coming round
And soon she'll throw her winter blanket
Upon the frozen ground

The world's asleep - it to must rest
It's parties all are done
Until the long cold winters o'er
And a brand new Spring has begun

Copyright Shirley Sasek
September 1975
Posted October 23, 2008

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