256,790 poems read

To all my new friends, how I wish I could Thank You each
and everyone for welcoming me into your poetry club so
warmily. It's like one big family! I appreciate that you
have taken the time to read my poems and to critic them
all, Such nice people you all are! I think it's such an
honor to be part of it. I wrote much of my poems many
years ago and had tucked them away for many years, I
didn't think anyone would be interested in them so it
gives me much pleasure to read your nice comments and
compliments. I hope that I'll be able to keep writing
I haven't been able to read your writngs as of yet but
hope to do so soon. I will be looking forward to the
many hours of reading your thoughts and memories, as I
work on my recover at home it's been two steps forward
and one step back so it seems. Thank You Dear Friends,
so until I am well enough to join in on the fun, I'll
just sign for now, Gratefully Shirley Sasek