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It was a hot and steamy summer night
The sky was heavy with stars so bright
The moon hung high above the hill
And the town below lay sleeping and still

Not a single dogs barking could be heard
Not even a flutter from nesting birds
Only the crickets singing their song
And the whisper of the river as it rolls along

There on a grassy knoll I sat
Alone in the night except for my cat
Recalling a time I knew in the past
Before our world began moving so fast

Remember - we'd lay in the grass and try
To find pictures in the clouds in the sky?
We had time to relax and enjoy the sun
And smell the flowers and play and have fun

How did we lose those days long ago
When life was comfy and moving so slow?
When neighbor knew neighbor - one on one
And rejoiced on the births of a daughter or son

Now - no one has time as the days fly by
To stop and chat - or - even wave hi
When others cared about one another  
And worked together like sister and brother

Don't you sometimes wish it was like before
When you never worried about locking your door?
But progress forever nags at our feet
Yet- I love to recall those memories so sweet

Copyright Shirley Sasek
October 28, 2008

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