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Nature's Love

See the sky, how soft and blue;
How bright the sun, with golden hue.
Feel the warmth upon your skin;
Open your heart and let it in.

Feel the breeze sift through your hair;
See the birds soaring high in the air.
Fill your lungs with the breath of life;
Cleanse your spirit of hate and strife.

Touch the bark of a nearby tree;
Know what it means to be truly free.
Smell the air after summer showers;
See the field of budding flowers.

Hear the sigh of the restless wind,
And the haunting sound it sends.
Taste the fruit so rich and sweet,
Nourish your body on nature's meat.

Bathe in lakes so sparkling clear,
Banish doubts and formless fear.
Renew your soul with nature's love;
Child of man, be guided from above.

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Nature`s Love