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....(From Sin to Eternal Life)

😮Initially inviting,
Very exciting,
Radiant lighting,
Meets the fires,
Lures desires,
Looks so fine,
Want it to be mine.
Walk away
Don't even taste,
Looks delicious
It's poisonous!
Don't get near
Losing is a fear;
Ignore it's call
Don't you fall!
Way that seems right
Broad into the night!
Behold FAITH
Before it's late!
There's HOPE
Back away from slopes!
There's genuine LOVE
All good is from above!
Darks light is dim
It leads to sin!
VICTORY is in JESUS alone
By His Blood, we are atoned.
Walk away from sin!
With JESUS, we win!
Love pursues
Cling to Love too;
As an Unforseen kiss,
Heavenly bliss,
No better than this!
Robed with righteousness,
The process!
Growing closer
Love is bolder!
Live wise,
Eyes on the prize!
A mutual spiritual embrace
Taking place!
Mercy, grace,
More than taste;
Live this way!
Never have we known a love like This.
Like an Unforseen kiss;
The joyful bliss!
To hold this love
Was something we dreamt of!
This love is the deepest we'll ever feel.
This love is real!
The closeness...
The oneness...
Is a must!
Fearless trust,
The willing submission,
Endless love..
Nothing lacks,
Point of climax,
Pain meets the Healer!
We're now Hope dealers!
Filled with Living Waters.
Walking in Holiness.
No more blame,
No more shame,
Carrying our King's name!
When we're called home forevermore,
To be with our Lord,
Out of this corrupt flesh, we'll be
In His presence eternally.
When we see Him face to face,
We'll have our first Heavenly embrace!
We can only imagine,
Eternal satisfaction..
The purest ecstacy,
True and pure intimacy,
From battles, we'll be
Finally free ...
True security.
Oh what PEACE!!!
Never will we feel unloved again,
Held close forever in Heaven!
Heavenly blissful,
True and faithful,
That can only be...
For those who believe,
For those who cling
To the King!

"Cling To JESUS!"
®©Tina Mladucky
Inspired and encouraged by Holy Spirit🕊️💓 and Jason Dawdy👑💓.

Ephesians 5:8
Ephesians 2:1
Acts 4:12
John 14:6
John 3:16
Romans 8:5-6
Romans 5:10
1John 4:19
Psalm 84:10-12

© allforjesusmladucky - all rights reserved.

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