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Hi My name is Clara Strickland Brinkley thank you for your visit
I hope you like my poems.Some are good some not so good but I like them.
I have a lot more I haven't put on here yet I have been writing poems
and songs most of my life but I quit for a long time. I am a widow
my husband died in 1986 from lung cancer I worked swing shift at a textile
plant I was a weaver a warp tender and I worked in quality control and I
was a cloth inspector I worked in textiles for about 30 years and I never
thought any more about writing poems.Until I got a web TV for Christmas
and I made a web page with pictures on it from the web TV scrapbook.I started
to write short poems to go with the pictures. On September the 11th when the
planes flew into the world trade center. I got so mad I wrote a Message To
The Evil Ones after that I begin writing poem's about America. I am a very
patriotic and loyal American. I like to write poems about the mountains
I was born in the mountains of North Carolina and I love them. I love to
walk in the mountains there are all kinds of thing to see almost all my
ancestor's were mountain people.I think I am very lucky to have been born
in the mountains.I am just A Country Girl and my memories
are my treasure's

Clara Strickland Brinkley